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those are the steelers in the uniforms. >> the bumblebees. >> the temperature now is 51 degrees. the temperature is fine. >> still ahead we will continue coverage of the path of sandy.
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>> this is good morning washington. >> some residents dealt with issues from sandy. issues will get worse, not just in the commonwealth, but through the whole region. >> i do want to remind you we have a full list of area closures running at the top of the screen. good morning. >> it is about 410 miles away from washington d.c. he is as they're in just a second. we want to get the latest on the storm impacting us. it has moved into our area as well. it is a category one hurricane.
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that is expected to become poster tropical before it makes landfall. we are very concerned about that. record rainfall as a power outages can be expected. hundreds of flights have been cancelled. you need to stay put. and the last minute preparations need to be under way immediately as conditions will be going downhill throughout the day. this is along with the google earth map. the winds extend out.
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the tropical storm is anywhere between 35 miles per hour. the extent 523 miles from the center of the storm. we can start to see these possibilities coming into our area already. the winds will be strong throughout the area today. they will be peaking through the night tonight. this is when the storm will be getting closest to us. they are going to take the turn to the left. it is on the northerly track now. we will give you a better idea of the timing on the rainfall.
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heavier than expected amounts. the rivers are expected to flood. the rain will begin to diminish. today and tomorrow will be the worst of it. go to our meteorologist. >> we can switch over to the telestrator system. take a look at the rainfall. the heaviest is on the eastern shore. this is all progressing westward. it is very slow moving, but it is moving from east to west. the heaviest stream is in our southern viewing aread. even the yellows you see are
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stretching into annapolis. let's go to our storm scan. that is moving from east to west. this is out of the range of our radars. the heaviest rain will be later this morning to the afternoon. tomorrow, the rain will start to taper off. ththe heaviest rain is late this morning into the early afternoon m. the evening. the winds will be ramping up throughout the day. we will give you more of a timeline to drop the rest of the day.
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>> it is going to be intense. we have some video of one of our crews. a couple of areas are closed. this is between massachusetts area and -- avenue and river road. a lot of wet pavement. if you are ever uncertain whether there is some high standing water in front of you cannot turn around. that is vital. the transit system expect pretty much the whole transit system to shut down. no metro rail, bus, no marc train. most local mass transit systems will not be working throughout
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the entire day. >> is 4:38. local utilities companies have been spending the past couple of days getting ready for sandy. >> there is a saying that goes, the calm before the storm. >> we are holding firm as far as our restoration effort. crews are in place as far as out-of-town. safety is a prime concern at pepco. they drove a long way. we brought more of the calvary. the winds need to pick up. the many utilities up and down
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the eastern seaboard, and if they are not in place today they will need to be. >> there could be more than 1 million outages. >> if to track the storm from new england all the way to hampton roads virginia, millions of people will be impacted. we do not know how many customers will be out. we know that if be forecast holds together, we will have an extended period of winds a 50-60 miles per hour. a lot of trees in washington. the trees will affect the power lines. tomorrow will be the peak critical periods. >> how many people have you brought in from out of state? >> we have requested over 2500. we brought in about 500 folks yesterday. there are only so many folks to
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go around. we have about 400 in place now. we have 1400 people prepared for the restoration effort. >> i know you brought in all of the people. how about handling the phones and all of the customers calling in? >> absolutely. i am one of about 1500 people at pepco. customer care has ben beefed up. we have more folks on the phone. we have more people inside the service centers. we have men and women that provide all of the operation and support for us. we started this about 48 hours ago. we have more people on deck prepared to answer those calls.
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the wires will be coming wire. we will have people in the area checking on the downed wires. we do not want any live wires out there for people to come into contact with. >> i know you will be out there working. it has got to be difficult to go in there and do a lot of repairs. >> we have told stokes ahead of time to have an emergency preparedness kit. when the lights go out and the winds are still blowing, this is a major hurricane/nor'easter. in a 24-hour period where the bucket trucks will not be able to go up and work on the wires. during that period, the power could be out.
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this is going to affect millions of people. >> we will talk with you again soon. 51 degrees on this monday morning. >> much more to come on "good morning washington." we have a live report
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>> good morning. i'm jacqui jeras with the latest on hurricane sandy. 410 miles away from d.c. we're getting hit with rainfall pretty hard especially off to our east. it was moving all day yesterday northeast. now it's moving north. we will be watching later today to see if it turns towards the north and west and towards the coast. we expect it to potentially intensified a little. as it interacts with the trough to our west of that broad in the cold air. a couple things we need to be worried about today. since the storm system is expected to go north, are wind will probably stay north to northwesterly. a storm surge is not a huge problem for us, but heavy rain and flooding is expected. up to 8 inches, widespread.
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we could see isolated heavier amounts. river flooding could last through a good portion of the week. this shows how much grain we will expect. some of these models, it's just one computer model estimates. it's likely some of these numbers will be a little higher or lower. if you live in flood prone areas, expected flooding in your neighborhood. on the eastern shore and delmarva, we could see 6 inches to eight amounts. the wind is our second big threat. if we can adapt 36 hours of extreme wind, wind gusts peaking a late tonight and early tomorrow morning at more than 60 miles an hour, if so power outages are expected. we are very concerned about trees coming down with a wind that strong for that long and the soil being that saturated.
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people need to heed these warnings and stay indoors today. >> absolutely. we will check back with you in a couple minutes. >> the weather conditions in ocean city, maryland, already deteriorating. let's see how things are now. >> brianne carter continues team coverage. >> good morning from ocean city, maryland. the wind and rain and growing more ferocious by the our. behind me you can see the water crashing up closer to the sea wall we have been talking about. sand and water came crashing onto the boardwalk a moment ago. we are between 16th street and 17th street. everything's out of fear was part of the mandatory evacuation zone that was put in place if at 8:00 last night. south of here, we are hearing reports of flooding already.
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we are seeing water starting to pool against some of the hotels as the water is coming in from the ocean. and from the bay. wind gusts at 40 miles an hour and 50 miles an hour at the boardwalk. taking a look at what is happening, the governor says the biggest issue was going to be the storm surge. that is something they are continuing to monitor. 450 national guard troops have been called in to be on standby for whatever is needed throughout the day as we get more and more of the effects of hurricane sandy. the rain is going sideways. the water is starting to come over the sea wall. drawing closer and closer to the properties along the boardwalk. back to you. >> thank you. >> its 51 degrees. >> we have more live team
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coverage of the storm. updates on the forecasts.
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>> continuing storm watch. we're getting ready for the storm. people in haiti are cleaning up damage from the same store. >> it has been absolutely devastating, being blamed for 65 deaths across the caribbean including a 51 deaths in haiti. the death toll is expected to rise. after days of constant rain haitian authorities are getting a better idea of just how much damage the storm caused. bridges collapsed and banana crops are ruined. homes under water. 4:53, 51 degrees. >> still ahead, the latest on the roads and the path of the storm. we will have live reports throughout the morning. not much traffic today.
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this year, arica's privately-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in o year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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this year, america's privately-owned freighilt railroads plan to spend $23 billioion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 spacett shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. >> welcome back. >> we want to head down to the abc 7 live desk. jummy olabanji is keeping an eye on the east coast. >> good morning. we want to take you a little farther down to our south, to the order banks of north carolina. this is a live web camp to show
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you what it looks like right now. we are hearing reports from wvec that the main concern is flooding. they say the area was devastated last year during hurricane irene. they have many areas closed including highway 12, which goes through the outer banks on to the cape hatteras national seashore. and the bonner bridge is closed. the surf is very strong. water getting all the way to appear. the sea ranch resort at among the areas affected. we are getting pictures from wtop. they have a reporter where more than 200 flights are closed. the southwest terminal they have the monitors wrapped up in
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plastic in augenstwein. we will have an update a little later on. back to you. >> thank you. we will check back with you shortly for the latest. it4:>> coming up, we will talk with a spokesperson for metro
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